COMFORT «strategy» – Invest efficiently and at low cost

COMFORT «strategy» is geared to adhering rigorously to your investment strategy. Adjustments are regularly made for deviations due to market changes, in line with your chosen investment strategy and the original asset allocation (rebalancing).

The mandate invests exclusively in passive investment funds. Thanks to the simple, straightforward portfolio structure, your chosen investment strategy can be implemented efficiently and at low cost.
Minimum investment CHF 50,000 or the equivalent
Reference currency CHF and EUR
Available strategies Yield, balanced, growth
Investment instruments Exclusively passive bond and equity funds
Management style Strategic

  • Professional asset management available as of CHF 50,000
  • Efficient, low-cost implementation thanks to passive bond and equity funds
  • Consistent and systematic investment process within the scope of your investment strategy
  • Constant monitoring of your portfolio
  • Periodic rebalancing of the portfolio in line with your strategy


St.Galler Kantonalbank Ltd.
St. Leonhardstrasse 25
9001 St. Gallen

T +41 (0)71 231 31 31 

Postal account: 90-219-8
Clearing-No.: 781

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Other Mandates

COMFORT active

COMFORT «active» focuses primarily on active bond and equity funds.

COMFORT «premium»

COMFORT «premium» focuses on direct investments (equities and bonds), supplemented by selected funds.

COMFORT «tail risk»

COMFORT «tail risk» invests in a risk-controlled manner, focusing mainly on passive bond and equity funds. The portfolio is globally diversified.