COMFORT guarantees professional management of your mandate

Opting for COMFORT will enable you to devote more time to your own projects and ideas. That's because your assets will be managed on a round-the-clock basis by experienced investment specialists from St.Galler Kantonalbank.

You don't need to do a thing; instead, you can safely entrust the research work, constant monitoring of the financial markets, evaluation of attractive investment opportunities and execution of transactions and related administration to our professional banking experts.

Advisory services

  • Jointly formulate the desired investment strategy
  • Establish the right type of mandate on the basis of personal preferences
  • Consistent, systematic investment process within the defined strategy
  • Constant monitoring of strategy
  • Management of your mandate by the bank in accordance with the strategy:
    • Analysis and assessment of individual securities
    • Rapid response to market changes
    • Tactical strategy changes
    • Monitoring of risk positions (individual securities with indications of total loss)
    • Monitoring of cluster risks
  • Periodic rebalancing of the portfolio (with your personal strategy)
  • Portfolio review in light of key crisis scenarios
  • Simulation of impact of risk and return on proposed investments


  • Periodic reporting including meaningful graphic illustrations of the performance of your assets and portfolio
  • Tax statement
  • Statement of all transactions

Financial and wealth planning

(for clients domiciled in Switzerland)

  • Pension analysis
  • Discounted financial planning, advice on inheritance issues and tax Returns


We offer eight different types of mandates. Your investor profile and preferred investment strategy are key to making the right choice. In this process, you will receive personalized advice and exemplary service from the experts at St.Galler Kantonalbank.