Galventa GmbH

The Swiss Caffeine Clock, is the first product of its kind that targets the waking up process to adjust our inner clock to the chosen lifestyle (e.g. jet-lag).

Our vision is to allow everyone to adjust his or her sleep-wake-cycle to the chosen lifestyle, and to reset his or her chronobiological clock (innere Uhr) to eliminate sleep inertia (Schlafträgheit).

Galventa’s mission is to develop, manufacture and market compounds (e.g. capsules or shots) with tailored release patterns based on micro pellets. Our innovation allows to establish time-controlled release systems containing an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). The time-controlled technology burst releases the API into the human body after a predefined window (up to 8 hours lag time). As such, Galventa’s technology creates an API-clock. Being able to not release the API immediately after intake, our technology allows to target the wake-up process and to release the API during the state of sleep.  

Depending on the API, Galventa can either enter the market with a nutraceutical product (Nahrungsergänzung, Category D/E) or with a pharmaceutical product (Medikament, Category B). Clinical trials and regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical sleep disorder market for Category B products take a lot of time. Therefore, Galventa decided to start commercializing its technology in the non-medical markets with a product called «The Swiss Caffeine Clock» using caffeine as the API. The Swiss Caffeine Clock adjusts the chronobiological clock that defines people’s sleep-wake cycle.

Startfeld Diamant Bewerber
Gründungsjahr: 2018
Branche: Gesundheitswesen
Gründer: Sascha Fritsche